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Whenever you think about learning Guitar, you need to first identify what exactly you want in your journey of growing with your Piano. There are basically two categories that you can identify with, and if you have trouble understanding which category you fit into, our expert team of music consultants will help you promptly in this step. These two categories are ‘The Beginner’ and ‘The Advanced Intermediate’. Your transformation from any of these categories into the zone of ‘The Advanced Intermediate’ or ‘The Master of Strings’ is entirely on us! So right now, you only need to do two things – firstly, give a name to your Piano as it really helps to consider your instrument as your personal friend; and secondly, read below to get an idea of which category you belong to and how you would like to proceed And don't forget to check out our Best Online Guitar Lessons for your journey ahead!

Guitar Lessons


If you're starting from scratch with the piano, our tailored course is perfect for you. You'll master fundamentals and earn an Entertainer Certificate from RSM in 3 months. Progress to advanced playing over 6 months for a Performer Certificate. The next 3 months prepare you for Grade Certification. Then, advance to 'Advanced Intermediate'. Also, don't forget to explore our Best Online Guitar Lessons for comprehensive musical growth.

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You may realize that you already know the fundamentals and don’t want to go through the entire process of learning the basics. This course map would suit your style best in that case. Just to be sure, our expert music consultants will analyse your level of playing and exact requirements and help create a customized and curated learning path best suited to your comfort and convenience. You can either approach certification-based learning or skill-based learning or both as per your choice. You would have the benefit of choosing the exact approach of learning your preferred playing styles and music theories.


Whether you are sure or unsure about which category you belong to, rest assured that our expert music consultants are always there to guide you in your journey. You will not only receive course completion certificates from RSM but also score guaranteed successful marks at the most eminent Music School Graded Exams in the world. The courses provide an overall amalgamation of practical playing tips and tricks along with rigorous music theory as per your tastes. RSM is not limited to teaching you how to play the Piano, but is careful and concerned sincerely about what more you can do with your skill and degrees. We are not here for a while, but to cherish life-long relations with you and a rich and diverse global community of music lovers and learners like you!

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