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Rohan School of Music

In Sanskrit, the word "Rohan" carries deep significance and holds a special place in the realm of music. Derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, "रोहनः" represents the act of ascending or rising, symbolizing the journey of melodies and harmonies reaching new heights. RSM is an Online Music Institute that aims to redefine online music teaching and learning. We provide music sessions by professional faculties, with specializations in performance and music theory. We believe that every individual has their own objective behind endeavoring their personal musical journey, hence the sessions offered by us are entirely customizable so that it’s aligned to each individual’s aspirations, age, and learning pace.


The receipt of the RSL Qualifications Delivery Centre Certificate from Rock School London marks a significant achievement and recognition of our institution's commitment to excellence in music education. This certificate serves as a testament to our dedication in delivering high-quality qualifications and providing a nurturing environment for aspiring musicians. As an authorized RSL Qualifications Delivery Centre, we are proud to offer our students the opportunity to pursue accredited music courses, ensuring that they receive industry-recognized training and expertise.


Represents the institute's commitment to providing high-quality music education, fostering talent, and promoting a standard of excellence in both performance and learning.



Our mission is to redefine online music teaching and learning, providing efficient and enjoyable experiences. We bridge the gap between in-person and online sessions by leveraging cutting-edge digital infrastructure. With one-to-one sessions by professional faculties specializing in performance and music theory, we offer customizable courses in western classical, western contemporary, Bollywood, and regional Indian music. We prepare students for graded music examinations and prioritize their individual aspirations, age, and learning pace.


Our vision is to create a cohesive learning environment that combines traditional values with future technology. We offer both traditional and fast-track courses, making quality music education accessible and affordable. We aim to promote Indian music among NRIs and foster a global community of music learners. Our LEAP model of music learning is ideal for 21st-century learners, and we provide free sessions and community workshops for the underprivileged. We aspire to develop a piano course for children with special needs.


At the core of our values is the learner. We believe in personalization and offer music education consultancy services to design customized learning paths. We prioritize the student's expectations, aiming for efficient and effective progress. We encourage our learners to contribute to society and offer quality consultation by our experienced faculty members. We strive to stand out in the dynamic industry by focusing on individual needs rather than predefined frameworks.

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